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International manufacturers and suppliers of water tanks, water reservoirs and tank, and other products.


ACUS  manufacture and install Domestic tanks for rural blocks and city life, including Grey Water reuse. ACUS tanks are the strongest on the market with 1.2mm thick walls.images_mining5s.jpg

ACUS tanks have been around many years and a re always available to answer your questions.

ACUS water tanks have an in house professional Engineer.

ACUS manufacture Fire tanks for commercial buildings to your height and diameter.

ACUS tanks manufacture and install Commercial tanks for holding large volumes of water or other product compatible with ACUS liners. 
The ACUS design team can design Large water tanks up to 6,000,000 litres, designed to codes and first principles, to sizes that you require, and quality to suit the job in hand. (Can be dismantled and moved later).

Mine site accommodation and messing tanks. For ablution blocks and drinking water.
ACUS liners and membranes for use in both concrete and steel walled tanks. ACUS liners are made to be the best quality for each individual requirement of the tank. Depending on stored liquid, tank, and condition of the tank. ACUS have placed liners in many concrete tanks.
ACUS also manufacture pipe spools.

ACUS also are suppliers of pumps and fire water pumps.

ACUS also manufacture water tanks, oil tanks, and fuel tanks in welded steel to design.

And you may wish to hire a tank.

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