Concrete Tank Lining

Concrete Water Tanks

ACUS are manufacturers and designers of concrete water tanks. We provide a full solution from your initial conception with engineering advice, to the final product. We manufacture all kinds of concrete water tanks to suit your requirements whether they are commercial or domestic, from 500 to 6 million litres.

Our experienced and skilled engineers are dedicated to providing strong, reliable and affordable solutions for your water storage requirements. Our engineers have managed and constructed great projects - including manufacturing concrete water tanks for the Water Corporation of Western Australia and for the New Zealand Navy.

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Concrete Water Tanks Perth Maintenance

ACUS provide long lasting, durable tank liners and can roof, waterproof and repair your existing concrete water tanks.

In hot weather, concrete water tanks begin failing due to the temperature difference between the water and the external concrete. The concrete can crack and the steel reinforcing may begin to rust and expand, thus opening up a crack that will pass water and rot the steel reinforcing in the tank.

Water also breaks down the concrete, pitting the walls of concrete water tanks. Epoxy coatings do not work as they also crack and need continual maintenance.

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Concrete Water Tanks Repairs and Tank Liners Perth

Concrete water tanks need to be made properly to withstand rigorous conditions so that they do not leak. Leaking concrete water tanks can cause very expensive problems, particularly if the tank is above living quarters. The water from the leaking tank can travel through the walls to other rooms, causing extensive and expensive damage.

Tank Liners

Tank liners are a critical aspect of all water storage tanks and ours are made to fit the tank correctly. Our tank liners are field proven to be superior in all weather conditions, are flexible and made to last. The tank liners we use are able to store a variety of liquids.

ACUS will work with you to obtain the most appropriate tank and tank liners for your environment and needs. We also take your water specification to assist in choosing the correct tank liners to use. We do not corrugate the walls of our tanks in order to allow tank liners to last as long as possible.

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Aquas Tank Liners in Perth

All of our water storage tanks have custom designed tank liners. This makes the tank internal maintenance free until a new liner is required.

The Aquas tank liners for water storage tanks are made to store clean, portable water in the safest, most effective way. Storage tanks can also have fitted insect and vermin proofing to maintain clean drinking water. We strongly recommend that the water coming into our water storage tanks is filtered with our 20 micrometer fine filter basket.

Aquaplate Steel Tank Liners

Aquaplate steel has been developed as a liner by BHP for the water tank market, specifically as tank liners for water storage tanks. It has a food-grade polymer skin (membrane) bonded to its inner surface which helps ensure your water tastes clean and fresh, free from any tainting from the tank itself.

Aquaplate steel tank liners are one of the few that comply with the tough Australian Standard on the use of plastic materials for food contact use (AS2070 part 2). In effect, it means Aquaplate steel tank liners are deemed completely safe for the storage of drinking water for human consumption.







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