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ACUS supply liners  and covers to suit all types of tanks including: drinking water (potable), stock water, electroplating, fire fighting, aquaculture and more. They are suitable for open and closed-top tanks and fit all construction types, including concrete, galvanised steel, concrete block, corrugated iron, fibreglass, brick and ploy tanks.

Provided a leaking tank is structurally sound enough to hold its intended capacity, a flexible liner can restore it to better-than-new condition within a day. They are easy to install, and come complete with comprehensive, step-by-step installation instructions. Otherwise our ACUS installers are willing to install the liner for you.

Every liner is measured to an individual tank. Designed and shaped by sophisticated software, every liner is carefully patterned and cut by a robotic cutter to ensure a superior fit, accurate to within a millimetre.  Any joins are welded with the exclusive 'wedge weld' - stronger than a traditional weld it has no creases or flaps, giving you a more hygienic liner.

Why choose an ACUS liner?

  • Obligation free quote (unless site visit required)
  • Choice of specialised materials
  • Guaranteed perfect fit
  • Exclusive 'wedge weld' on joins
  • Choose from a variety of tank fittings
  • Simple, DIY installation
  • Warranty options on all liners
  • Over 25 years experience in liquid containment
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Accreditation for manufacturing
  • Certified by the Water Quality Centre to meet AS4020 (Int) 1994
  • Australian made, for the Australian climate
  • Ordering is easy, just measure, email and purchase!


Available in a range of specialised liner and membrane materials:

PVC Potable Tank Liner: Is specially designed as a low cost potable grade membrane available for storage of drinking water. The standard gauges are 0.50mm or 0.75mm. It comes in black, is very flexible and is produced from high grade virgin ingredients that meet the stringent requirements of AS4020 (Int) 1994 for potability.

PVC650 Potable Tank Liner:  Food Grade reinforced PVC suitable for storage of drinking water, this heavy duty, 0.65mm PVC coated fabric is a high quality, high tenacity polyester fabric in a tearstop construction (in both directions) which makes it ideal for use in larger storage tanks.

Aquafab 200™:  Is a durable tank membrane, based on a coated polyethylene reinforced mesh. Wherever water or other liquids need to be retained, Aquafab 200™ offers

Aeon™: PTL & PTR primarily designed as high performance, flexible membrane liners manufactured using the very latest DuPont Elvaloy© technology. Available in grey 0.75mm gauge and reinforced .90mm gauge, are suitable for use with potable water and have excellent heat, oil, fuel and chemical resistance making it appropriate for containment of a wide range of liquids.

Aeon™ XOL & XOR: A long life light green geomembrane manufactured using the very latest DuPont Elvaloy© technology. Developed to resist chemical attack, microbial attack and weathering, Aeon™ XOL is un-reinforced while XOR is reinforced with an encapsulated edge to resist wicking and has good flexibility and tear strength. Available in 0.75mm and .90mm gauge, this product is suitable against the risks of spillage from the processing and storage of modern chemicals, fuels and oils and against contamination spreading from old sites.



  • The ACUS liner is the critical part of ACUS Tanks
  • The liners are made to fit the tank correctly
  • AQUAS liners are field proven and are flexible, tough and made to last
  • AQUAS liners can store a variety of liquids
  • These AQUAS liners are made to store in the most efficient way clean portable water
  • The tanks can also have fitted insect and vermin proofing to ensure clean drinking water
  • The Water Corporation uses our liners
  • These versatile, field proven membranes are flexible, tough and made to last
  • AQUAS liners are available for storage of clean drinking water, fire storage water, waste water, effluent treatments, petroleum products, alkaline, cyanide, and volatile acids
  • All AQUAS liners are made and installed in compliance with ANZ ISO 9001/2 Quality Assurance Standards


What we avoid with our tanks  
Corrugated walls and roll formed walls on liner tanks.
Corrugated walls are thin and the wall steel is not as heavy as our wall steel.
These walls are corrugated to induce strength into the steel as the steel is too thin to detriment of the liner.

Others try and provide cheaper and thinner liners with a laminated fibre reinforced liner. The reinforcing is necessary, as the liner material does not have the strength to support its own weight. This causes problems as not only the weight of the steel is reduced, but the thickness of the inner layer of the liner (water barrier) is reduced, due to the laminations in the liner material. The inner water barrier will be thin and strengthened by the fibre reinforcing and any material can be used outside the fibre reinforcement on the liner, to prevent water absorption from under the tank.

Problems can occur as the welded seams in the floor and the walls cannot be totally sealed. If a fibre is exposed it will suck water into the laminated layer between the outer and inner skins, separating the layers and cause leaking known as ("wicking").

As it is impossible to repair the reinforced liner not only will the customer have to buy a new liner but the customer will have to buy thousands of dollars worth of lost water. 
AQUAS liners can be repaired easily with a simple patch, even if there is water in the tank.

Corrugated walls also cause the liner to fatigue by rubbing and premature failure of the liner occurs meaning the heart of the tank can fail. It is not possible for the liner which is pulled down with water weight to follow the shape of the corrugated tank wall. It either stretches 100% into the grove, or the strength of the liner takes the weight of tones of water. Eventually the liner will fail. We will not sell you anything like this as we understand your need for water and water security and provide a flat wall which fully supports the AQUAS liner.

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