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Commercial Water Tank Perth Supplier

ACUS are commercial water tank manufacturers and suppliers - constructing, projecting, managing and installing commercial steel tanks with internal liners. We are also commercial water tank exporters, catering for mine sites and city expansions.images_comm_tanks_1.jpg

Each commercial water tank is custom designed and engineered to be the strongest on the market. We design to code or first principals, personalised for each customer as required. Our commercial water tanks hold up to 6,000,000 litres and are custom built to your requirements.

We are renowned for our prison tanks, winery tanks and steel tanks for industrial use that set the bar on the market for strength, durability and value. Our vast experience and expertise as commercial water tank suppliers ensures that we know how to construct a tank for your requirements and space/height limitations.

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A Top Quality Commercial Water Tank

Choose a commercial water tank constructed with radial trusses or parallel trusses, depending on your requirements and budget. Each commercial water tank can be powdercoated and colourbonded over the galvanised coating to ensure a long life of the commercial water tank without maintenance.

Each commercial water tank has a custom made liner. This makes the tank internal maintenance free until a new liner is required. Furthermore, no painting is required. Should you have to empty your commercial water tank only an authorised installer can reset the liner. Steel Tanks should have 150mm water minimum to ensure the liner does not move or the pumps do not run dry.

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The Ideal Commercial Water Tank

Our commercial water tanks are ideal in soft ground or foundation situations. The tanks have a liner and are therefore earthquake proof.

Large tanks need sturdy foundations in locations where there are high winds or earthquake conditions. Our steel tanks are designed and certified for hurricane and cyclone conditions. In fact, our steel tanks survived Hurricane Ivan without damage. It has also been proven that our steel tanks can survive fires! Acus are therefore the natural choice for your commercial water tank supplier.

images_comm_tanks_5.jpgOur tanks do not have a steel base so they do not corrode over time. Tanks can come with optional ANODE protection system for corrosion and/or lightening.

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Aquaplate Steel Tanks

We prefer to stock and sell steel tanks to reflect the sunlight and keep your water clean, clear and pure. Steel tanks can be zincalume coated steel, galvanised coated steel and powdercoated or can have colourbond coated steel finish.

images_comm_tanks_6.jpgSteel tanks made from Aquaplate brand steel are some of the few that comply with the tough Australian Standard on the use of plastic materials for food contact use (AS2070 part 2). In effect, it means steel tanks that use Aquaplate are deemed completely safe for the storage of drinking water for human consumption.

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Long Lasting Steel Tanks Perth Customers Appreciate

Regardless of how saline or corrosive your water might be, you can be assured Aquaplate steel tanks stand up to the test. You can feel safe in the knowledge that BHP is standing behind your steel tanks. In fact, BHP guarantees the performance of Aquaplate steel tanks for 20 years (against corrosion to perforation) -subject to approved installation and sound construction. 


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