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Water Storage Tanks Perth - Premier Domestic Tanks

ACUS domestic tanks are ideal for semi rural living and city life. Farmers prefer our products as they are made from the finest quality steel and so are very strong. Our domestic tanks have the thickest walls of any tank on the market, making them even stronger compared to other domestic tanks!

We do not corrugate the walls of our domestic tanks in order to allow your liner to last as long as possible. To do this, a flat walled tank is required. We have domestic tanks ideal for farm storage at 3.4m tall. These are specially designed for storing water off tall sheds in your farm or backyard.

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Leading Supplier of Domestic Tanks in Perth

The domestic tanks we stock are very strong, but also appealing to the eye. We are West Australian owned and are a family business. We have been proud suppliers of domestic tanks for 12 years now.

Our smaller domestic tanks come in sizes from 5,000 litres and up. We do not stock or sell plastic domestic tanks as they are exposed to damaging UV Light directly from the sun. We prefer steel domestic tanks to reflect the sunlight and keep your water clean, clear and pure. Tanks can be zincalume coated steel, galvanised coated steel and powdercoated or can have colourbond coated steel finish.

The photos below are examples of residential rainwater water tanks.

Tough, Affordable Domestic Tanks for Your Property


Liners for Water Storage Tanks

Liners are a critical aspect of our water storage tanks and are made to fit the tank correctly. Our liners are field proven to be superior and are flexible and made to last, able to store a variety of liquids.images_1dom12.jpg

The AQUAS liners for water storage tanks are made to store clean, portable water in the safest, most effective way. The water storage tanks can also have fitted insect and vermin proofing to maintain clean drinking water. We strongly recommend that the water coming into our water storage tanks is filtered with our 20 micrometer fine filter basket.

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Water Storage Tanks Perth - What We Avoid

We avoid corrugated walls and roll formed walls on our lined water storage tanks. This is because corrugated walls are thin and the steel walls are not as heavy as our walls. These walls are corrugated to induce strength into the steel as the steel is thin to detriment of the liner.

Other producers of water storage tanks try and provide cheaper and thinner liners with a laminated fibre reinforced liner. The reinforcing is necessary, as the liner material does not have the strength to support its own weight. This causes problems as not only the weight of the steel has been reduced, but the thickness of the inner layer of the liner (water barrier) is reduced, due to the laminations in the liner material. The inner water barrier will be thin and strengthened by the fibre reinforcing and any material can be used outside the fibre reinforcement on the liner, to prevent water absorption from under the tank.


What Problems are Caused By Lower Quality Water Storage Tanks?

Problems can occur as the welded seams in the floor and the walls cannot be totally sealed. If a fibre is exposed it will suck water into the laminated layer between the outer and inner skins, separate the layers and cause leaking otherwise known as ("wicking"). It is possible to repair reinforced AQUAS liners with a simple patch, even if there is water in the tank.

Corrugated walls also cause the liner to fatigue by rubbing and premature failure of the liner occurs meaning the heart of the tank can fail. It is not possible for the liner, pulled down with water weight to follow the shape of the corrugated tank wall. It either stretches 100% into the grove or the strength of the liner takes the weight of tonnes of water. Eventually the liner will fail. We will not sell you anything like this as we understand your need for water and water security. ACUS provides a flat wall which fully supports the AQUAS liner.

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Note: Shire permitting and shire requirements including the sand pad are the responsibility of the owners as the tank is regarded as an investment on your property. ACUS can assist with drawings and engineering at an additional cost.

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