Domestic Tank Parts List

ACUS Tank is the perfect answer for your long term water storage needs.


Every ACUS Tank includes:

  • Custom designed heavy duty 1.2 mm zincalum panels (minimum thickness). AQUAS liner.
  • Quality commercial-grade food-grade liner (to AS 2070)
  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Internal safety ladder (safety feature for children's use only)
  • Inlet roof leaf strainer basket
  • Heavy-duty lockable hatch 500 x 500 approximate sizes
  • Galvanized external ladder (used to access the inside of the tank as well)
  • Brass or poly 50mm outlet & valve (poly if hard or corrosive water)
  • Overflow pipe (brass and PVC)
  • Hot dip galvanized roof trusses (self supporting)
  • A completely covered corrugated zincalum roof 0.42mm BMT. Dome roof

Optional Extras:

  • Cone roof
  • Below ground cleaning outlet scour with 50mm brass or poly valve fitting
  • Galvanized walls
  • Insect VERMIN PROOFING & whirly bird
  • Water level gauges (levitator)
  • Cam lock emergency fire fighting adaptor
  • Pumps
  • Sand pad installation
  • Inlet piping and dirt collector supply and installation
  • Inlet filter (20 micron) to remove and filter dust and sand from roof
  • Biddum geofabric
  • Shire permits and permit design information
  • Bolt covers

The ACUS & Liner conditional warranty (the customer is responsible for completing the appropriate forms and returning the ACUS forms within 30 days to validate warranty.)

Note:  For a warranty on the liner, Biddum geofabric must be used between the liner and sand (optional extra).

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