Domestic Tank Parts




Domestic Tank 2 Rings High
2.25m Wall
Number of trusses varies per tank


Domestic Tank 3 Rings High
3.3m Wall
Numbr of trusses varies per tank




Leaf & Stick Filter Baskets
Leaf and stick filter baskets come as standard tank items. the 20UM (micrometer) is preferred as it does not allow dust to enter the tank.


Outlet Valves and Tank Anodes
Oulet valves can be brass or poly. Brass shown here. 
Tank anodes made from zinc magnesium blocks. These pevent the steel walls corroding, for a limited time. ACUS prefer tanks to be built on concrete ring beams.


Removable Ladder & Inlet Filter Baskets
Shown here is the removable ladder. The hatch. The inlet filter basket, with the customer installed inlet piping. Note the blue metal being placed around our tank. This is required by ACUS to prevent the rain scouring the pad.


Choose a colour from the range shown above. These are standard Colourbond colours.


The heart of the tank. ACUS use flat walls on their tanks to protect the integrity of the liner. To ensure the liner does not fail by streching over grooves in the tank wall.  

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Sand Pads
These are the owners part of the work as they are usually done when the house pad is being made. ACUS can advise those who need some help in this area. It is important that you have checked with your local shire in regards to tank sizes required and whether a building permit is required. It is the customers responsibility to complete this. ACUS engineers can assist with drawings and advice at extra cost. The customer provides the first tank of water and ACUS sets the liner. Click here for more information. 

ACUS manufacture their own manometer with steel guides and an easy to read bar, and large 100mm size numbers to tell you how many metres deep of water in the tank.
Used on steel tanks, steel storage tanks, industrial tanks, fire water tanks, water storage tanks.




The level indicator is guided up an external guide tube.
True reading available.
Comes with stainless steel wire if requested.
Ideal for water storage containers, steel tanks, steel storage tanks.



images_dtp_new003.jpg   images_dtp_new002.jpg

Provides a true reading of water level. What you see is what you have……..
Float - weight -pulley system.
Easy to install.
Reliable. Large free running pulleys.

ALL ACUS level gauges are 
Built to last.
Visible at a glance
Quick and easy to install
Spare parts are available

Ideal for tank liners, water tank liners, steel tanks, steel storage tanks.
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There are other parts such as scours, camlocks, bolt covers, etc.

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