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ACUS Water are the premier industrial water tank manufacturers and suppliers in Western Australia. Don't take shortcuts, ACUS engineers have the skill and expertise to ensure your industrial water tank is the best quality.

Concrete foundations designed by our engineers are highly regarded in the industry. We have all of our designs checked and reviewed by third party companies to guarantee a satisfactory design for your industrial water tank.

Click here to download an article from the completed Kauri Point Firemain, one of our many industrial water tank success stories.

A Top Quality Industrial Water Tank in Perth

ACUS will work with you to obtain the strongest industrial water tank for your environment, product and operational conditions. We also take your water specification to make sure the correct liner is chosen for your industrial water tank or reservoir.

An industrial water tank can be small or large - we stock tanks up to 6 million litres. We have an industrial water tank ideal for any company’s needs.

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Premier Steel Water Tanks in Perth

Steel water tanks (and those with steel lining) are our company’s main specialty. They are the strongest steel water tanks on the market with 1.2mm thick walls. The steel water tanks can be built together for various projects and our personalised service guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with the result.

Our steel water tanks have a highly flexible design sought after by the mining, agriculture, drinking water, fishing, food, health, housing and construction industries, amongst many others. Steel water tanks also have several domestic uses.

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Ensuring the Quality of Our Steel Water Tanks

We are determined, with our quality control, to ensure all of our pallets are rigorously checked to make sure every tank and liner will be delivered complete. Our steel water tanks can be shipped directly to you in containers or crates and once they arrive at their destination, our Supervisor and local staff will open and assemble as necessary.

We use the best materials and the most advanced technology to lengthen the life of our steel water tanks. We also provide an excellent after sales service to maintain the performance and quality of all sold steel water tanks.



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