Mining Water Tanksimages_mining5s.jpg

ACUS are specialists in building and installing all kinds of mining tanks including:

  • Demineralised water tanks
  • Condensated water tanks
  • Deionised tanks
  • Fire fighting tanks and hoses to tow behind your mine-site veicles

We can make them all! ACUS mining tanks are custom designed and can hold up to 6 million litres.

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Mining Tanks Perth Installation

We have our own truck and crane to install large steel liner mining tanks, or small liner reservoirs. We make robust, strong mining tanks where the liner is fully supported by the steel structure. This ensures the tank and liner’s long life.

All of our mining tanks can easily be dismantled and moved!

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Custom Designed Mining Tanksimages_mining8s.jpg

We custom design mining tanks for your location, whether it be coastal, cyclone prone or inland. Our in-house engineer will develop a personalised design for your needs which is then checked and approved by a 3rd party company for strength and durability.

As a result, ACUS mining tanks are custom designed for your local conditions, able to withstand strong winds, cyclones and earthquakes. ACUS tanks survived Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 hurricane in 2004. In fact, people used our tanks as shelter from the storm and their lives were saved!

Our Mining tanks can be seismic or standard. Seismic are built under the code AS 1170.4: 1993 (Earthquake loads)



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