Rainwater Tanks

Strong, Light, Durable Rainwater Tanks

ACUS sell a range of rainwater tanks for use around the home that are lined with Aquaplate steel.images_domtank001.jpg

Long Life Rainwater Tanks Perth - Ideal Water to Wash Your Hair With

Aquaplate steel has been developed as a liner by BHP for the water tank market, specifically for the production of rainwater tanks. It has a food-grade polymer skin (membrane) bonded to its inner surface which helps ensure your water tastes clean and fresh, free from any tainting from the tank itself. It's for this reason that rainwater tanks made from Aquaplate steel stand out from the rest.

Rainwater tanks made from Aquaplate steel are some of the few that comply with the tough Australian Standard on the use of plastic materials for food contact use (AS2070 part 2). In effect, it means Aquaplate steel is deemed completely safe for the storage of drinking water for human consumption.

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Rainwater Tanks with Proven Performance

Aquaplate steel is available in a galvanized finish, or a selected range of prepainted colours. Either way, you get all of the advantages of a material that is strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable across a range of environments. It won't crack as a result of aging or sun exposure, and it's the ideal choice for rainwater tanks in bushfire prone locations.

Water Reservoirs Perth - Complement Your Home

Water reservoirs made from Aquaplate steel are equally at home in the bush or the city. That's because with the range of colours and sizes available, you can choose water reservoirs to perfectly complement your home and your lifestyle, no matter where you live. Our water reservoirs are easy to transport and install (either at ground level or raised for gravity feeding).

These lightweight steel water reservoirs are the natural choice for both city and country living.

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Water Reservoirs Perth - The Environmental Choice

More and more urban planning authorities and homeowners are recognising the environmental importance and practical cost savings associated with water recycling. That's why water reservoirs made from Aquaplate steel are finding their way into more and more city backyards.

Water Reservoirs - Quality That's Guaranteed

Regardless of how saline or corrosive your water might be, you can be assured Aquaplate steel water reservoirs stand up to the test. You can feel safe in the knowledge that BHP is standing behind you. In fact, BHP quarantees the performance of steel water reservoirs made from Aquaplate steel for 20 years (against corrosion to perforation) -subject to approved installation and sound construction.

BHP Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks in Perth

Polymer coated steel is Australia's premier material used in rainwater tanks. It combines durability, strength, light weight, performance and is backed by a 20 year warranty from BHP.

Water Reservoirs Perth Installation Information

Water reservoirs made from Aquaplate steel must have a top, preferably with a manhole cover in place at all times. That's because the polymer liner coating is not resistant to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. A complete cover also prevents the growth of algae and excludes vermin.

Filters should be installed on all outlets to keep out mosquitoes. Kerosene or similar chemicals should not be added to discourage the growth of mosquito larvae, as they can cause the polymer coating to degenerate. Wherever possible, water reservoirs should be installed in a cool, shady place, away from trees and falling leaves that could otherwise clog the strainer or contaminate the water in the water holding tank.

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Rainwater Tanks - Important Information

  • Steel water tank overflow should not be allowed to run down the side of rainwater tanks. It should run direct to the ground.
  • As with all water tanks, the first fill of these rainwater tanks should be released to ensure that both tank and catchment have been washed clean.
  • Rainwater tanks should not be placed directly on the ground, rather on a flat support that is capable of safely supporting the tank when full (tank weight plus one kg per litre).
  • Copper pipes should not be connected to rainwater tanks. If you have a copper outlet, allow at least two metres of plastic pipe between the tank and the copper pipe. Copper piping must not be used for recirculating water to the tank.
  • Avoid entering water reservoirs or using tools to clean it. A correctly fitted strainer will reduce the need to clean. If entry is essential, wear rubber soled shoes and ensure your ladder has rubber footings. Should the polymer be damaged, it should be immediately repaired using an appropriate sealer.
  • Aquaplate steel has been specifically developed for the storage of water. Other substances should not be stored without prior reference to the manufacturer - BHP Coated (Steel Australia.)

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